A portrait of Vivian Raisch

Elegant, energetic Vivian Raisch, crafts her cake designs, as she lives her life, with vivacity, hearts, and humor. A resident of New York State, Vivian has lived and created among the rolling hills of Dutchess County since the age of seven.

Drawn to art as a child, she became totally fascinated with the art of cake decorating when she was 12 years old. Today, Vivian and her husband Bob run a nationally renowned art gallery, which is located opposite the prestigious Vassar College.

Vivian spent the better part of her life sculpting in one medium or another. Her natural ability as a sculptor, which she used to design a line of porcelain's for a national market, enables her to design uniquely beautiful cakes. In her own words "A visual celebration."

"There is no better joy than to see the expression on the face of a bride or a child, when the cake is presented. Those experiences are memorable for me, as well as the recipient, " says Vivian.

She now devotes her talent's full time to making her cake designing available to all that joins her in wanting a work of art to add to their special celebration.

63 Park Avenue, Poughkeepsie NY 12603 845-485-2069,